Everything you build in the workbench can be downloaded into the Blinklight Portable game console.

Here's what the (fully functioning) prototype looks like:

It's in two parts, the top pops off so you can see what's going on inside:

That microchip in the middle, just below the speaker, is the FPGA. At the bottom left you can see most of the audio parts (volume control and headphone jack), to the upper right is the clocks, and to the left and right you can see the 8 main push buttons.


Right now I'm trying to gauge how many people would be interested in having one of these to try their designs on as they work through the book (I have to say, it's pretty fun). I might try the crowdfunding route, or I might just bootstrap the production.

If you'd like to be notified when the console is available for purchase or the when the crowdfunding campaign is live, click the button below. I hate spam too: you will be emailed exactly once, and then your address will be deleted - no need to unsubscribe from anything.

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