About Blinklight

Blinklight is dedicated to the recruitment of all kinds of people into the open source microchip design community. It provides tools and instruction on how to build computers out of raw digital logic, hopefully in a fun way. It's been under development since February, 2015.

I'm Heath Johns; I've been a computer programmer for 23 years, and an open source user and advocate for 17: this site was built using FreeBSD, Vim, and Inkscape. I'm grateful for the work that's been done by those teams, as well as the FPGA reverse-engineering by Clifford Wolf and the software written by both him and Cotton Seed. Also, David Macaulay deserves credit for inspiration; I hope I can pay forward a little bit of what I got from him so many years ago.

You can read about my motivations for creating Blinklight here.

The name Blinklight comes from what is usually the first thing you do when you're getting digital electronics to work: if you can blink a light, it means there's enough working that you can start to build something.

I'd love to hear from you; my email is heath@blinklight.io.

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